💀- Preproduction – There’s A MiniMap

Second World is still, I suppose you’d call it “in pre-production”.  This means that there is still a lot to be done on the game before it can be claimed to be a game.  There’s the actual coding: building all the systems, the structures, the AI, and squashing bugs along the way… There’s narrative and game design: creating the research paths and scripted events, inventing achievements and overarching society specifics… There’s art.  Yeah.  It’s, uh, it’s a process.  The thing about art is that it never looks good enough, and even when it does, after staring at it for hours and days, it stops looking good again.  Plus, everything is a placeholder at the moment.  It’s got the spirit and direction, but it’s far from finished.  Keep that in mind when updates like this next one are shown.

So, there is now a mini-map in the game.  In some ways creating the minimap was easier than expected, in other ways, it had some bugs and some troubles.  It works now, however, and that’s what matters.  Someday it’ll be beautiful, but for now, it’s functional.  And at this point, that’s really the best that can be asked for.


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