🖤 – Slacking, sort of, and resolutions so I stop

I’ve lost a little time these past few weeks.  Between personal life stuff, a fair amount of dental work, school work, and throwing out my back, I haven’t been able to put many hours into my game lately.  You’d think that throwing out your back would be a fine time to work on the computer, because you can’t do much but sit there.  And yet, the terrible, terrible pain and inability to get comfortable is somehow distracting.

I’m resolving to do better, though.  I am going to make sure I spend more time on my game for one thing.  But as importantly, I’m working to make better habits so these things that keep coming up won’t anymore.  Sure, there’s always going to be distracting, mainly bad but sometimes just big and unexpected, personal life stuff that can come out of nowhere.  That sort of thing has basically defined most of my life.  But I’m going to work on the things that I can control.  I’m taking better care of my teeth because (and this may be TMI) having 8 dental appointments in about a month, one of which lasted 4 freakin’ hours, and another of which was a root canal, makes you never want to do that again.  I’m also going to start stretching and exercising my core.  Again, pain is a motivator.  Especially when it’s excruciating back spasms that hit so hard you can’t even walk for a day.  I’m going to stay on top of my school work, so I’m not caught off-guard again by the fact that its midterms, or realize I have an AI project due in a few hours and I hadn’t started it yet (actually got that one done, somehow).  I’m going to spend less time obsessively searching the internet for the perfect Halloween costume or board game, or whatever is unnecessarily occupying my mind…

Basically, it’s easy to ignore yourself and your needs when you’re on the computer all day, every day.  Eventually, just being on the computer feels like enough, even if you’re not being productive.  I don’t think it’s procrastination, just distraction.  In any case, I’m going to work to find a balance and make sure I take care of all the things I need to, including working on my game more.


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