๐Ÿ’™- The Plan

I haven’t been working on my game as much as I’d like to recently.ย  Between my master’s program and my husband’s recent heart surgery, I’ve been a bit busy and stressed.ย  Happy to report that my husband is doing well and he’s back at work now, which frees up a lot of time for me to dig back into working on the game whenever I’m not working on school.

So, what am I working on specifically?

Well, right now I’m finishing up the farming resource: spawning, collisions, AI working the fields, producing food, growing over time…

After that, I think it’s time to move on to making a simple technology tree that also includes building upgrades.

My goal is to have a really solid city-builder/sim game as a base before I introduce the elements that make my game unique.

Once I have the basic of the basics done, I’ll continue on with the genetics system, and then finally I’ll do scripted event manager.ย  The scripted events will be a huge undertaking, as this is where a lot of the game happens.ย  One game you may be fending off hostile aliens, then next you might be taking them as your pets.ย  I really want this to be a systemic game, so the choices the player makes affect both the world and the events they encounter, and those things, in turn, affect the decisions that the player makes.

Once all of those things are implemented in their basic forms, the remaining coding work will mostly be expanding on them (this doesn’t include balancing or final art, those will come later).ย  With any luck, these things will go quickly and smoothly.

I’m excited to be nearing the completion of the basic elements and I am ready to get the unique systems into the game.


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