💀- Clouds Solved, for now at least

As I mentioned in the last post, I was having trouble with the clouds causing huge performance loss.  My Blueprint before:

Sometimes first drafts need to be revised.  All those calculations being done in the world displacement wasn’t helping anything, and, honestly, it was kind of mashed into shape.  Between that and the tesselation, it’s no wonder there were problems.

Using some of the existing framework, but removing the tesselation and simplifying (somewhat) the world displacement calculations, I was able to a achieve a very similar look for the clouds that kept the cloud-like look, opacity, and mask that I was going for without the processing hit from the original material.


I’m using textures without collisions to create this effect to help on performance in the first place.  Sure, it’d be far more convincing to make a sky scene using particle systems.  But for the size of the scene that I’m creating, I have to fake it.  I think, proof-of-concept wise, this is on the right track, and might even look good once I make some purposeful meshes to put it on.



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